New Head of Administration: A warm welcome to Jürgen Seidl

A warm welcome: Since October 1, Dr. Jürgen Seidl is head of the department “Zentrale Dienste” of the Leibniz Supercomputing Center (LRZ). Dr. Seidl, who holds a doctorate in history, is moving from the Bavarian State Library (BSB) to the LRZ. In his doctoral thesis, Seidl researched the corporate history of BMW and joined the BSB via the Bavarian Academy of Sciences (BAdW). Here heinitially worked on library projects before moving to the administration of the scientific library. In his last position, Seidl was head of finance in the central administration department. In his private life, the new LRZ colleague likes board games, ice hockey and soccer - just to get to know him better, a few questions:


What attracts you to the LRZ?

JuergenSeidl_ZDDr. Jürgen Seidl: First and foremost, the excellent reputation of the LRZ and the very good experiences of my former department, the Bavarian State Library, with the LRZ weredecisive for my application. After the job interview I could immediately imagine working here.

What are you particularly looking forward to?

Seidl: To my new colleagues and exciting challenges. The foretaste that I was able to get in the weeks before I started has already been very positive. We were able to clarify many things in advance in a very unbureaucratic way, from workplace equipment to the LRZ mouth-nose cover with the "Stay Safe" imprint.

What drives you?

Seidl: The desire to solve the tasks at hand as well as possible and prioritizing them in the right order, but sometimes just a good cup of coffee with delicious chocolate.

With whom in the computer, internet, IT scene would you like to discuss - and why?

Seidl: With Dietmar Hopp - besides questions about ethical responsibility in IT, I would like to learn more about his great social commitment. Since I am also a big sports fan, soccer and ice hockey would take up a large part of this conversation.

What function would you want to be invented for computers/smartphones right now?

Seidl: Definitely beaming. That would save me the daily train ride from the Oberland – the region in the south of Munich - to Garching and elsewhere.

And which ones could you gladly do without?

Seidl: Non-essential cookies or the fact that I have little or no control over my own data while surfing the Internet.

What relaxes you?

Seidl: Time at home on the terrace with the family, preferably with an exciting board game. (vs)