The LRZ supports the initiative ‘BayernWLAN’ with the provision of infrastructure and thus contributes to the expansion of the network: More than 2500 access points of the Munich Scientific Network (Münchner Wissenschaftsnetz, short MWN) provide access to BayernWLAN. From Berchtesgaden to Freising and beyond, Internet users can now log in to @BayernWLAN free of charge via the LRZ access points.

In return, the BayernWLAN access points broadcast the global scientific network eduroam. This greatly benefits traveling scientists and students.

Linking both, BayernWLAN and eduroam, the both's reach is increased.

By means of the BayernWLAN initiative 20,000 generally accessible hotspots shall be available for free surfing on the net by 2020.