Access to Electronic Journals

Access to the online journals in the university libraries


The information on this page applies only to students and staff members of the TUM and LMU! Please refer to the page for information on the offer from the Munich University of Applied Sciences.

The online journals offered by the university libraries (currently only TUM and LMU) can be accessed in various ways. You can permanently configure your computer for this or access the journals over the Web platform.

The following links will take you to instructions and information for the configuration.

LocationAccess Method
From the MWN (Munich Scientific Network) autom. proxy configuration
eAccess (TUM)   E-Medien (LMU)
From outside the MWN VPN connection to the LRZ and autom. proxy configuration
eAccess (TUM)   E-Medien (LMU)

Function test of the proxy configuration:

Have you selected the automatic configuration and, where applicable, set up a VPN connection but you still have problems reading the journal that you want? You can test the settings that you made to make sure that they work by going to and comparing the name of your institution with the name in the gray-blue header.

Science Magazine

If the name that appears there is not the name of your university and instead the display says "Institution: Germany: Science's NextWave", there are still technical problems. Otherwise, the page that you want to display is simply not released for access through your library.

Frequent causes of errors when setting up the proxy configuration:

The following causes may be responsible if there are still technical problems:

  • You are accessing from outside the MWN and
    • You have not set up a VPN tunnel -> Use the VPN client
    • Your VPN tunnel is not working correctly -> Possibly installation or network problem
    • Your VPN tunnel is working, but you have set it up with a user ID that cannot be matched to either of the universities -> get another user ID
  • You have problems with the automatic proxy configuration
    • This is incorrectly configured, or not configured at all -> Repeat the configuration
    • Or it does not work
      This happens sometimes with various browser installations. In this case, try to install another browser and configure it for pac, such as the free Mozilla Firefox:


Make sure that your PAC configuration is always entered with the leading "http://":