mwn-events android

We offer the secured SSID "mwn-events" to ensure WLAN-security for events and conferences. For every event a distinct username/password combination will be used. To ease installation we offer configuration-tools and profiles for Windows Vista and newer, Linux, Mac OS X and iOS. An easy configuration does not yet  exist for Android, so you have to configure your device manually.

Quick reference guide

Download root-certificate from Choose an appropriate name, like telekom-root-ca and press OK.

Now you can select the SSID mwn-events from the list of available networks. You need to configure the following settings:

EAP-method PEAP
Phase 2 authentication MSCHAPv2
ca-certificate telekom-root-ca
user-certificate leave empty
identity username for the event
anonymous identity leave empty
passwort password for the event

Now press connect.