Procurement of next-generation Housed Cluster Hardware

In the context of LRZ's “Attended Cluster Node Housing” service catalogue entry, institutes from universities in Munich and Bavaria are offered the possibility to purchase powerful, warm water cooled computational hardware dedicated to their use that is operated on LRZ premises.

With a new framework contract in place, the hardware options have now been expanded. New or renewed housing contracts now have the opportunity to acquire

•    the latest generations of CPU hardware from Intel
•    accelerated systems using four-way GPU nodes e.g. NVIDIA A100 or newer
•    memory sizes of a computational node between 256 and 2048 GByte

This new generation of computational equipment will be integrated into an existing multi-tiered Infiniband fabric that permits network link bandwidths of up to 200 GBits/sec. This, apart from enabling application scaling, also guarantees efficient access to the state-of-the art Date Science Storage systems.

In order to obtain a first informal quote, please open an appropriately worded request at the LRZ Servicedesk.

Verfasser: R. Bader
veröffentlicht: 2022-09-08