Centre for Virtual Reality and Visualisation

Structural Measures

The centre is located inside a cubic building, which grid shaped concrete facade is supposed to cite the structure of the compute cube optically. The cube was finalised together with the institute building II in the year 2011.
To achieve the best possible display and interaction quality many aspects had to be considered for the construction. The interior fittings and the installation of the media system were started in January 2012.
During the planning phase specific aspects for media control and construction were analysed and had to be considered as follows. The access to the 5-sided projection installation had to be at even ground which lead to the construction of a mezzanine floor.
This separates the V2C into the technical floor in the basement, which hosts the ground projection, climate, network and media infrastructure, the required compute systems and the visitor floor located on the ground floor. In this floor the actual powerwall and 5-sided projection installation are located. It is equipped with control terminals and a tribune with 21 seats.
An important requirement is the from the false floor independent installation of the of the projection technology. Here the 5-sided projection installation and the powerwall were installed on a separate independent frame and are thus freestanding only connected with flexible interface elements to the false floor in order to avoid transfer of vibration. The projectors of the 5-sided projection installation are located on the walls, ceiling, and foundation. Due to the weight this approach is not possible with the 4k projectors of the powerwall. They are located on a separate table independent from the false floor, integrated in the ground floor.
To control cooling and noise of the projectors they are encased separately. The individual areas in which the projectors are installed are spatially separated, to avoid light scattering and reduce the influence on the other projection areas. Mirrors are used to compress space and keep the projection distances.