The Powerwall covers a projection area of 6m x 3,15m and is back projected to avoid potential shadow casting from the observer or the presenter. In order to achieve a high image quality two 4k projectors are used. This way it is possible display bright, stereoscopic 3d graphics with four times HD resolution (4096 x 2160 pixel) in real-time. The projection uses circular polarisation filters and passive stereo display. The system is run by a powerful sever and a cluster of graphics cards. It is equipped with an optical tracking system using 6 cameras.

Technical Details

  • SGI Altix UV10
  • 4 x Intel 8core Xeon, 2.66GHz/24M/6.4GT/s
  • 6 x 3,15 m screen area
  • 1 x LCD-LWU505 projector
    • Full HD resolution
  • 2 x 4k Sony projectors (with passive stereo)
    • 4096 x 2160 resolution
    • 21.000 ANSI Lumen brightness
  • ART Track2