Virtual Reality and Visualisation - 3D at the LRZ

Virtual Reality (VR) and visualisation are two areas which are closely intertwined. With the help of the technology and the algorithms the user is able to analyse his data sets in an immersive way in order to enhance the understanding of the data.

At the Centre for Virtual Reality and Visualisation (V2C) we use modern technologies like a 5-sided projection installation and a large-scale, high-resolution projection wall.

News: 06/15 09.07.2015 Talk by M. Schoeffler, "On the Validity of Virtual Reality-based Auditory Experiments"
  05/15 23.06.2015, The first V2C User meeting takes place
  06/15 16.01.2015, The MidTerm Review of the MrSymBioMath project is held at LRZ
  12/14 08.12.2014, A new edition of the Booklet „Zentrum für Virtuelle Realität und Visualisierung“ is available
  11/14 16.12.2014, Virtual Reality - Open Lab Day at the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre
  08/14 15.09.2014, Machine Learning and Visualisation Summer School Munich
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