Intel Advisor: A tool to guide parallelization

Introductory Remarks

What is the Intel(R) Advisor XE

  • Analyze, design, tune and check your threading design before implementation
  • Explore and test threading options without disrupting normal development
  • Predict thread errors & performance scaling on systems with more cores

Advisor availability on LRZ's HPC platforms

VTune is provided on HPC systems which are based on Intel processors. On non-Intel processors only partial functionality may be available.

How to use Advisor

Before calling the tool either via the command line interface (command advixe-cl) or the GUI (command advixe-gui), please type the following command:

module load advisor_xe

The GUI allows you to build analysis projects, specify an executable as well as various parameters for execution and analysis modes.  Please consult the documentation referenced below for a description of the many options this tool offers.


  • The documentation for Intel Advisor is available on the systems via the environment variable $ADVISOR_XE_DOC. This includes tutorial material.
  • Manual pages for the commands can be consulted when running with the GUI.
  • Intel Advisor XE for Linux