Lecture notes

from the workshop "Programming with Fortran", from Feb 14 - 16, 2018, that provides an introduction to the language. Please contact one of the tutors (Bader_at_lrz_dot_de, Brietzke_at_lrz_dot_de) if questions about any of the materials provided below arise.


These consist of an exercise document which describes the problems to be solved; it also contains an index of the slides. Some code examples are available; the package includes the skeleton codes you may want to make use of for some exercises: The solutions have been packed up in ZIP format to enable unpacking also on Windows. For each course day, a separate ZIP file is available (these will be made available as the course progresses): Please unpack all the above ZIP files within the same folder, using the unzip command. Note that the Makefiles in the examples and solutions contain definitions which may only work in the course environment, and may therefore need modifications if used on other systems.