Forcheck - A Fortran analyzer and programming aid

What is Forcheck?

Forcheck is a tool for static verification of the correctness of Fortran programs up to the current 2008 standard. It supports treatment of interface checking including module dependencies via a facility of creating Forcheck-specific library files.

Installation and usage of Forcheck on LRZ platforms

Forcheck is available on all HPC systems at LRZ.

To make use of Forcheck, please first load the appropriate environment module:

module load forcheck

Then, the following executables are available:

  • forchk for checking of Fortran syntax
  • interf for generation of explicit interfaces from Forcheck library files
  • fcklib for maintaining Forcheck library files
  • ForcheckIDE as a graphical user interface

Tthe FCKCNF variable is set in dependence on the fortran module loaded. You can manually set this variable to one of the other compilers supported in Forcheck.

Please consult the documentation referenced in the next section for details on using Forcheck.


The environment variable $FORCHECK_DOC points to a directory containing documentation in PDF format. Manual pages for forchk and fcklib are also available.