Darcs: 'Distributed. Interactive. Smart.'


Darcs is a revision control system, along the lines of CVS or arch. That means that it keeps track of various revisions and branches of your project, allows for changes to propagate from one branch to another. Darcs is intended to be an ``advanced'' revision control system. Darcs has two particularly distinctive features which differ from other revision control systems:

  1. each copy of the source is a fully functional branch.

  2. underlying darcs is a consistent and powerful theory of patches.

Darcs is a free, open source source code management system. For a detailed description, please look at the Darcs home page or at LRZ systems in $DARCS_DOC, which is available after executing "module load darcs ".

DARCS is only available on x86_64 bit Linux Cluster.


Before using the darcs command, please first set up the required environment by loading the appropriate environment module via:

module load darcs

Note that by default the available version 2.2.0 is selected; to use another version please don't hesitate to contact LRZ HPC support staff .

The darcs command line can be found at Darcs User Manual.


If you have any questions or problems with DARCS at LRZ, please don't hesitate to contact LRZ HPC support staff .