Scalable Performance Measurement Infrastructure for Parallel Codes

The Score-P measurement infrastructure is a highly scalable and easy-to-use tool suite for profiling, event tracing, and online analysis of HPC applications.

It has been created in the German BMBF project SILC and the US DOE project PRIMA and will be maintained and enhanced in a number of follow-up projects such as LMAC, Score-E, and HOPSA. Score-P is developed under a BSD 3-Clause License and governed by a meritocratic governance model.

Score-P offers the user a maximum of convenience by supporting a number of analysis tools. Currently, it works with Periscope, Scalasca, Vampir, and Tau and is open for other tools. Score-P comes together with the new Open Trace Format Version 2, the Cube4 profiling format and the Opari2 instrumenter. 

Score-P is available under the New BSD Open Source license.


Current Version Platforms
3.0 SuperMUC, MPP2 Cluster


Please consult the presentation slides: Score-p and Scalasca at LRZ.

Additional Information

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