Overview and Purpose

Boost is a freely available C++Library consisting of a variety of portable sub-libraries. The sub-libraries can be used for various purposes, e.g. mathematical operations, meta programming or memory management.

Current Developers of the Library

Although Boost was begun by members of the C++ Standards Committee Library Working Group, participation has expanded to include thousands of programmers from the C++ community at large.

Supported Platforms at LRZ


Installed version

SuperMUC, Linux-Cluster

1.45 (gcc), 1.47 (gcc)

Using Boost

Before using Boost please first load the appropriate environment module:

   module load boost/[version]_xxx

with xxx=gcc for using the Gnu compiler or xxx=icc using the Intel compiler (10.1, default). If you are using the Gnu compiler please also don't forget to load the gcc module. Then, the include files for a make-controlled build process are available in the ${BOOST_INCDIR} subdirectory. The libraries themselves can be found in the ${BOOST_LIBDIR} subdirectory.
Compile like this for Gnu

   c++ -I ${BOOST_BASE} yourprogram.cpp -o yourexecutable.exe [ -L${BOOST_LIBDIR} -lboost_xxxxx ]

like this for Intel

   icc -I ${BOOST_BASE} yourprogram.cpp -o yourexecutable.exe [ -L${BOOST_LIBDIR} -lboost_xxxxx ]

Support for LRZ Boost installations

Please contact the HPC support team if you have questions or problems concerning the usage of the Boost library.

Further Information