Deep Learning Software

Specific versions of deep learning software are available on LRZ's machine learning supercomputer, the DGX-1. 

  • Caffe 0.16
  • Caffe2 0.0.5+ (new!)
  • CNTK 2.0.neta15.0
  • DIGITS 5.0 (new!)
  • MXNet 0.9.3a+
  • PyTorch v0.1.10 (new!)
  • Tensorflow 1.0.1
  • Theano 0.9.0
  • Torch7
These containers have been optimized by NVIDIA for performance and multi-GPU-scalability. A generic container with CUDA is also available if you need to install your own version.

The DGX-1 is available to all linux cluster accounts - simply ask for access via servicedesk. More details and release notes are available in the Machine Learning section of our homepage.