PLplot: A scientific plotting API

Introductory notes

PLplot is a library of C functions that are useful for making scientific plots from programs written in C, C++, Fortran, Octave, Python, and Tcl/Tk. The PLplot project is being developed by a world-wide team who interact via the facilities provided by SourceForge (

PLplot is available on all HPC systems at LRZ.

Usage of PLplot on LRZ computing platforms

Access to the PLplot installations is provided via the environment module plplot:

module load plplot

This will set environment variables needed for compilation and linkage of executables using the Intel compiler. Prerequisite is that the module intel is loaded.

Compiling and linking C applications


[icc|gcc] -c <options> $PLPLOT_INC foo.c

dynamic linkage:

[icc|gcc] <options> myprog  <objects> $PLPLOT_SHLIB

Compiling and Linking Intel Fortran applications

The following presupposes that you access the explicit interfaces of the API by inserting

 use plplot

into any Fortran routine or Fortran module using a plplot call.


ifort -c <options> $PLPLOT_F95_INC foo.c

dynamic linkage:

ifort <options> myprog  <objects> $PLPLOT_F95_SHLIB

Compiling and linking Gfortran applications

Please load the following stack:

module unload intel
module load gcc/5
module load plplot

and then perform compilation and linkage as shown above, except for replacing the ifort calls by calls of gfortran.

Compiling and linking C++ applications


[icpc|g++] -c <options> $PLPLOT_CXX_INC foo.cpp

dynamic linkage:

[icpc|g++] <options> myprog  <objects> $PLPLOT_CXX_SHLIB

Further Information

  • HTML based PLplot documentation on the sourceforge site
  • example programs in the directory $PLPLOT_BASE/share/plplot*/examples