WLAN for conferences (mwn-events)

The network name ("SSID") for conferences is mwn-events. For a working connection you need the username and password provided by your conference organizer. For a secure connection you also need to associate the certificate "Deutsche Telekom Root CA 2" (already installed on most operating systems) with the connection and an identity check for the radius server With the tools below the secure setup is very easy. The tools should be self-explanatory, optional instructions are available in german.

The tools don't install software, they only do the setup for the WPA2 Enterprise connection.

Setup tool for mwn-events WPA2 Enterprise connectionInstructions (german only)
Windows 7 Anleitung Windows
Windows 8 Anleitung Windows
Windows 10 Anleitung Windows
Windows Vista Anleitung Windows
Linux Anleitung Linux
iOS (version 7 and above) Anleitung iOS (iPhone, iPad)
iOS (versions 5 and 6) Anleitung iOS (iPhone, iPad)
Mac OS X (version 10.7 and above) Anleitung OS X
Mac OS Anleitung OS X

Windows XP is not supported anymore.

For Android there is no automatic configuration, it has to be setup manually. Instruction