WLAN in the MWN

Links to all pertinent information regarding the usage of the WLAN connection within the Munich Scientific Network (MWN).

WLAN access for students and staff at scientific facilities. Also for guests, who are participating in scientific projects. Eduroam is in use at many sites worldwide.
The publicly accessible network is broadcasted via the WLAN access points of the LRZ. In return, eduroam is available via BayernWLAN access points.
Secure WLAN for events
Security aspects of WLAN configurations (german)
Download Telekom Root CA 2 certificate

The device has to be configured according to the used SSID.

Due to security reasons (no authentification) communication between two clients via the access point with SSID lrz is blocked, only connections to the MWN and Internet (with lrz over VPN) are possible.

More information about WLAN in the MWN can be found at Wireless LAN in the MWN.