eduroam (DFN Roaming)

Internet access for travelling scientists

The integration of the Munich Scientific Network (MWN) into the international RADIUS group of research networks (in Germany: DFN roaming) enables scientists and students of member institutes to connect to the Internet via WLAN. They only require access authorization to their home institute; the connection configuration of the home institute can generally be used without having to make any changes.

The aim of the project is to establish a pan-European roaming infrastructure under the label eduroam (see based on the protocol 802.1X (Wikipedia entry for 802.1X). Members of the MWN who travel to an eduroam institution in other European countries can register via 802.1X and connect to the Internet. The SSID (network name) is usually eduroam.

Where can I use eduroam?

Access is available at locations that are part of the eduroam network. Both the user’s home institute and the visited institute must be part of this network. Links and overviews are available under the following links:


German map   Europe Map   APAN map

How do I register?

Standard is to use your LRZ account, it has to be entered as

To use eduroam with other accounts please follow the rules of your home institution.

Outside the MWN, only usernames that end in, and can be used.

When the connection has been established, you are automatically assigned an IP address in the MWN from the 138.246.x.x network. There is a dedicated DNS name in the domain