IBM High Performance Computing Toolkit (hpccount)

Report summary hardware performance counters and resource usage statistcs.

It can be loaded on SuperMUC and SuperMIG using the module system:

module load hpctoolkit.IBM


The hpccount command is only available on the phase 1 system, i.e. Westmere-EX or Sandy-Bridge nodes. It will not work on the Haswell-based phase 2 nodes. For the phase 2 system, please consider using likwid or persystreport as a replacement.


   hpccount [-o <name>] [-u] [-n] [-x] [-g <group[, <group>,...]>] <program>

   hpccount [-h] [-l] [-c]


program  program to be executed
-h display help text
-o name output file name
-u make the file name <name> unique (adding  _<hostname>_0_<task_rank>_<date>_<time>)
Useful for MPI.
-n no hpccount output in stdout when -o flag is used
-x display formulas for derived metrics
-l list groups

list counters and events

 -g <group[ ,<group>,...]> specify group number(s)