SuperMUC-NG is the name of the next-generation high-end supercomputer at the Leibniz-Rechenzentrum (Leibniz Supercomputing Centre) in Garching near Munich (the MUC suffix is borrowed from the Munich airport code). With more than 311,040 cores and a peak performance of 26.9 PFLop/s it will be one of the fastest supercomputers in the world.

Start of user operation of Phase 1 of the system is planned for January 2019.

Characteristics of SuperMUC-NG


Thin Nodes Fat Nodes Total (Thin + Fat)
Processor Intel Skylake Intel Skylake Intel Skylake
Cores per Node 48 48 48
Memory per node (GByte) 96 768 NA
Number of Nodes 6,336 144 6,480
Number of Cores 304,128 8,912 311,040
PEAK @ nominal (PFlop/s) 26.3 0.6 26.9
Linpack (Pflop/s) TBD TBD 19.476
Memory (TByte) 608 111 719
High Performance Parallel Filesystem  50 PB @  500 GB/s
Data Science Storage  20 PB @ 70 GB/s  
Home Filesystem  256 TB
Cooling Direct warm water cooling
Waste Heat Reuse Reuse for producing cold water with adsorption coolers 
Operating System Suse Linux (SLES)
Batch Scheduling System SLURM
High Performance Parallel Filesystem  IBM Spectrum Scale (GPFS)
Programming Environment Intel Parallel Studio XE
GNU compilers
OpenHPC Software Stack
Message Passing Intel MPI, (OpenMPI).
Cloud Components
Nodes with two Nvidia V100 GPUs
Nodes without GPUs