Manage Users and IPv4 Addresses for projects on SuperMUC Phase 2 and SuperMUC-NG

Important Note:

SuperMUC Phase-1 was shutdown on Jan 2, 2019. Operation on SuperMUC Phase-2 will continue until End of 2019. Preparation of SuperMUC-NG as a successor system is under way.

New projects can apply for computing time on SuperMUC-NG. Follow the instructions on the new documentation plattform at

Log-in as Project Manager (MasterUser) of a project on SuperMUC Phase 2 or SuperMUC-NG to see a list the current users and registered IPv4 addresses of your project. After login, you can use this page to add/remove users and add/remove IPv4 addresses to/from your project.

Log in as Projectmanager / MasterUser

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