Project Proposal

Important Note:

SuperMUC Phase-1 was shutdown on Jan 2, 2019. Operation on SuperMUC Phase-2 will continue until June 30, 2019. Preparation of SuperMUC-NG as a successor system is under way.

If you want to apply for a project on SuperMUC Phase 2 or SuperMUC-NG, please follow the instructions on the new documentation plattform at

Use this page only if you want to

  • submit information for PRACE projects, or
  • master users of ongoing projects on SuperMUC Phase 2 who want to add users to their project or add IP addresses for ssh access.

Please select the action you want to perform:

submit information for new PRACE project (we need additional information from you in order to start your PRACE project)

log in as Projectmanager/MasterUser (to add/remove users and/or IP addresses for your project)

Hints on submitting and changing data of a project

(i) Classification of projects

Please have a look at the System Description of SuperMUC-NG first, and verify that you really need a machine of this size for your project. On SuperMUC approx. 1000 million core-hours per year are vailable for all projects. To get a feeling for the orders of magnitude for your project, please consider the tables below.

CPU Time:
Large Scale Project > 35 million core-h/year.

Large Scale Projects are handled in the context of the Gauss Centre for Supercomputing. LRZ tries to achieve that large-scale projects can fully utilise the assigned resources, if necessary, at the expense of smaller projects.

A Call for Large-Scale Projects is published by the Gauss Centre twice a year. The call is open for projects on SuperMUC.

Click here for the current call.

Normal Project < 35 million core-h/year (typically below 30 million)

Proposals for Normal Projects can be submitted at any time. Review process will take 6-8 weeks.

Test Project < 100,000 core-h
Disk space for WORK:
High request > 250 TByte for entire project
Medium request ~ 100 TByte for entire project
Default ~ 10 TBybte for SuperMUC
Disk space for HOME:
Default 100 GByte for the entire project

(ii) Test accounts

If you only apply for a test account, you do not need to upload a detailed proposal. However, if you plan to convert it to a small, medium, or a big project, please take into consideration that a review may take about 2 months.

(iii) Proposal for a new project

For projects, which need more resource than a test project, you need to send us a detailed proposal which is reviewed by the Steering Committee. Reviews usually take about 2 months.
It is strongly recommended to follow the structure and hints given in the proposal template. For templates, please see:

For sending your detailed initial project proposal, please make an application via GCS-JARDS and use the upload section

(iv) Modifying an existing project

If you want to add/modify information for an existing project, log in with your Project Manager/MasterUser Account for the project you want to change. The crucial data of a project proposal are:

  • the resources for the entire project (esp. CPU hours, home, and scratch disk space),
  • the duration of the entire project.

If you want to increment one of these numbers, you have to submit a status report (see section below). The LRZ will then initiate a new reviewing process by the steering committee.
All other changes, like additional researchers and IP addresses, are of administrative nature only and will normally be updated within two working days.

(v) Uploading regular status reports, final report work or contributions to our workshops

Use these templates for writing your status report

(vi) Data of the existing proposal

After log in as Project Manager/MasterUser all information about the project submitted by you will be visible.

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