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Best Practce Guides

Topics for the best practice guides include: optimal porting of applications (e.g., choice of numerical libraries and compiler options); architecture-specific optimisation and petascaling techniques; optimal system environment (e.g., tuneable system parameters, job placement and optimised system libraries); debuggers, performance analysis tools and programming environment.

  • Best Practice Guide - SuperMUC Phase 1, May 2013 PDF HTML
  • Best Practice Guide - SuperMUC Phase 2, July 2015 HTML
  • Best Practice Guide - Haswell/Broadwell, January 2017 PDF HTML
  • Best Practice Guide - Intel Xeon Phi, February 2017 PDF HTML

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Intel Compiler, Libraries and Tools

Intel Optimization and Tuning

Intel 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer's Manuals

Course Materials

for the SuperMUC workshop "Introduction to SuperMUC"
Thanks are due to H. Bast and G. Zitzlsberger (Intel), A. Bömelburg, H. Holthoff, F. Merz and C. Pospiech (IBM) for preparing the course materials and making them available.

Intel development software talks

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