RStudio Web-Service

Getting started

In order to use RStudio@LRZ please visit

When asked to authenticate, please use your LRZ Linuxcluster account to log in.

What is RStudio at LRZ?

RStudio is a webbased service which can be accessed using a browser on any  device with internet access (PC, tablet, phone,...). It offers a nice interface for running and developing R programmes on LRZ systems. In addition to an integrated R console and editor, it also provides a file browser for analyzing results and plots or transferring files between LRZ and your local device.

How to get access

RStudio@LRZ is basically a service associated to the Linuxcluster at LRZ. If you already have an account for the Linuxcluster you can use the corresponding user name and password for the login to RStudio. Otherwise, you can request a Linuxcluster account choiosing one of the following options.

  1. If you are working in an academic institution in Munich or Bavaria, you can contact the local LRZ master user of your department.
  2. You can request your own Linuxcluster project. Please see for more details.   

How to upload scripts and data

RStudio provides a file explorer which can be found in the bottom right part of the web interface.

It can be used for browsing your homefolder on the linuxcluster, analyzing plots and transferring files from you local device.

How to install your own packages

You can install your own R-packages in the usual way using 'install.packages()'. RStudio will ask you whether to install these packages into a personal library which it will create in your LRZ home directory.

Where to get help and additional Information

If you need help with R/RStudio or face problems with the connectivity to the service please open a ticket at the LRZ Service desk (