CLC-Bio Genomics Server

How to Use CLC at Leibniz Supercomputing Centre

LRZ Big Data Team


Using CLC Genomic workbench on any device with a modern browser

In order to run CLC genomic workbench on LRZ infrastructure, you will just need an LRZ Linux cluster account and a modern browser. This means that you can even analyze your NGS data from your mobile phone and any other mobile devices such as iPad, etc. If you don’t have an LRZ Linux cluster account, you need to ask your local system administrator/master user to get one for you (

LRZ currently has only one CLC genomic workbench license. This license can be used by any LRZ users in a first-come-first-serve manner. Each CLC genomic workbench session is 4 hours. You are encouraged to make a reservation as early as possible by sending an email to

Please note that any abuse of CLC genomic workbench (launching CLC genomic workbench without a reservation, making a reservation without actually using the software, etc) will be reported and the abuser will be blacklisted for using CLC software. You are free to cancel your reservation at least one day before your reservation starts. If it is crucial for you to use CLC genomic workbench for analyzing your data for certain longer period, you are welcomed to contact us through LRZ helpdesk (  We can discuss your need and provide special reservation of the workbench (maximum one week).

A step-by-step guide on how to start CLC genomic workbench at LRZ is provided with detailed description in pdf format.