Software for the Linux Cluster and SuperMUC

Software packages

For an overview of software packages that are available on the LRZ system, please click here.

Access to software packages

LRZ uses the environment module approach to manage the user environment for different software, library or compiler versions. The distinct advantage of the modules approach is that the user is no longer required to explicitly specify paths for different executable versions, and try to keep the MANPATH and related environment variables coordinated. With the modules approach, users simply "load" and "unload" modules to control their environment. Type
            module avail

to list all the modules which are available to be loaded. Notice that most of them indicate associated version numbers. Modules make it easy to switch between versions of a package. Specifying a module name without a version number will select the default production version.

Many modules.contain  the URL of the LRZ documentation for the specific software package. Type

             module show modulename

and look for the variable which ends with _WWW.

Specific LRZ Commands and Libraries

LRZ Commands and Utility Libraries




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Additional and useful commands to assist the users