Call for reports: New book on results obtained on LRZ systems


The system CoolMUC-2 was financed by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), and the LRZ has to report to the DFG on the scientific work that was achieved on CoolMUC-2. Therefore, in the second half of 2018, the LRZ will publish a new edition of the book “High Performance Computing in Science and Engineering”. This book will give a comprehensive overview of the many interesting projects that have been conducted on CoolMUC-2. Previous editions of similar books with results obtained on SuperMUC are available here:

Important information

  • Who needs to write a report?
    We already sent an email to the master users of the TOP 50 CoolMUC-2 projects.
    Please co-ordinate the writing with your co-workers.
  • Time frame:
    The report book will cover projects that were using CoolMUC-2 in 2016 and 2017.
  • Content of the report:
    Please prepare a two page report, describing the most important results, aimed at a general audience.
    Detailed information about the content and structure of the report are in the template files (see download section).
    Additionally, you need to fill out a form to let us know about co-operations, publications and theses that used CoolMUC-2 (see download section). The information from this form is needed to report to the DFG.
  • Reports for multiple projects:
    If your institute performed various, different simulations on CoolMUC-2, you can either send us one report per project, or, you can write a combined two page report, covering all your projects.
  • Report on preliminary results:
    If a paper is not yet published, please describe the set-up of the project and list references as "submitted to journal/conference" or "in press".
  • Copyright:
    All rights of the report remain with the authors. We only ask permission to publish your report in the report book which will be available for download from the LRZ website. We may ask you separately for additional permissions, e.g. publish your article in a magazine or on our website.
  • Do you want to have your project featured in the book?
    If you haven't already received an email, but want to have your project featured in the results book, please contact helmut DOT bruechle AT lrz DOT de.

We thank you for your co-operation and are looking forward to reading about your interesting projects.

Deadline for submission: Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Publication of the book: Second half of 2018

The CoolMUC-2 report book will be published in electronic form as PDF. Additionally, we will produce versions optimized for e-book readers

Publication date: Second half of 2018.

The PDF and e-book files will be published on the LRZ website and will be available for download free of charge.

Download the template files

Below, we provide a zip archive that contains:

  1. The template files to write your report (included as odt, doc, docx, and PDF).
    The template files also explain the content and structure of the report.
    We recommend to edit the odt file with LibreOffice, or to edit either the doc or docx files with Microsoft Word.
    If you prefer other software (e.g. LaTeX), use two columns and a 9pt Arial font to create a layout similar to the PDF in the template archive.
  2. A form to fill out (called "CoolMUC2_additional_information", included as odt, and txt).
    We need to report to the DFG about third party funded projects, cooperations, publications and theses that used CoolMUC-2. Please fill out the tables of the document. Alternatively, edit the txt file.

Please download the zip archive here:

Send your report to the LRZ

  1. Prepare one packed tar or zip file that includes:
    - your 2-page report "CoolMUC2-report" as odt, doc, or docx file
    - individual high-resolution figures as png, jpg, or eps (min. 1000x1000 pixel, if available)
    - a PDF version of your report
    - the filled-out form "CoolMUC2_additional_form" as odt or txt
  2. Naming of the packed file: coolmuc2_report_<project-id>.tgz (or .zip). 
  3. Send the packed file (or a download-link) as email to helmut DOT bruechle AT lrz DOT de.

Proof reading - two iterations

We will have two proof reading iterations. We will send proofs in PDF form to the corresponding author. Please coordinate the proof reading with your co-authors and send us corrections via email. Please specify the line-number and changes in your email. If you prefer, you can also include your comments directly in the PDF and email it to helmut DOT bruechle AT lrz DOT de.

How to get support

Do not hesitate to contact the editor directly: helmut DOT bruechle AT lrz DOT de.

Or, you can submit a ticket via the Service-Desk at: