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LINUX Cluster Project

Dispersal of planetary discs by X-ray photoevaporation


  • Name: Lehrstuhl für Astronomie und Astrophysik mit Universitäts-Sternwarte
  • Address: Scheinerstraße 1, 81679 München
  • Project Proposal Date: 2018-01-10 19:43:15


This project aims to understand whether a star, photoevaporating its accretion disc, can halt the planet migration process and take out of mean motion resonance (MMR) a multiple compact planetary system. This process can give us a viable mechanism to explain the lack of planetary systems observed in MMR, which should be the natural outcome of convergent planet migration. We plan to run 2D hydro+N-body simulations, using the open-source FARGO code, to test this scenario, changing the initial locations of the planets and the star luminosity, in order to understand under which conditions disc photoevaporation can break the MMRs and which resonances are stronger affected.