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LINUX Cluster Project

Professur für Umweltsensorik und Modellierung


  • Name: Professur Umweltsensorik und Modellierung
  • Address: Theresienstr. 90/I, 80333 München
  • Project Proposal Date: 2019-10-24 11:21:41


The professorship of environmental sensing and modeling is going to develop a real-time high spatially-resolved simulation tool of the greenhouse gas and pollutants concentrations and emisisons in the urban environments, e.g. Munich, Berlin. Using our atmospheric concentration measurements inside and outside the city, we will be able to validate the forward simulation results and inversely model the emission flux coming out of the city. This project has both social and scientific importance. The obtained results will improve our understanding of the pollutants metabolism in the urban environment, help us identify and quantify the source and sink of GHG and pollutants. We would like to collaborate with LRZ in terms of the GHG and pollutants modeling using the WRF model.