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LINUX Cluster Project

Scalable CFD Framework with Decentral Domain Management


  • Name: Lehrstuhl für Computation in Engineering
  • Address: Arcisstraße 21, 80333 München
  • Project Proposal Date: 2019-12-10 10:40:00


Within the project a new parallel CFD Framework is developed using a novel approach to domain management for numerical computations on current and future high performance architectures. The basic idea is to use self-managing subdomains that only have a local view of neighbouring domains. Load balancing is necessarily modelled using a diffusion method in which each process determines its own load and decides if it necessary to migrate subdomains to neighbouring processes. The characteristic values of this diffusion process are to be evaluated. As subdomains are only propagated to processes holding neighbouring subdomains, locality will be preservers and therefore communication times will be minimal. Also the order of this approach is directly correlated with the level of neighbour view. For higher levels the diffusion approach converges faster to an optimal solution, however with added storage requirement.