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LINUX Cluster Project

Bioanalytik: Datenbackup & Archivierung


  • Name: Lehrstuhl für Proteomik und Bioanalytik
  • Address: Emil-Erlenmeyer-Forum 5, 85354 Freising
  • Project Proposal Date: 2017-08-09 14:32:54


The Linux cluster will be used in order to perform docking studies with the Schrodinger Software. We will utilize this software to study the interactions between small molecules and their respective protein targets. Schrödinger software enables us to visualize the most favorable conformation and calculate the binding properties of a chemical probe to its target. The outcome of this studies will help us to decide whether these molecules are promising enough to be chemically synthesized or not. Docking studies will be crucial for designing future projects. It was recommended to perform these docking studies via remote visualisation which requires Linux Cluster access.