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LINUX Cluster Project



  • Name: Lehrstuhl für Robotik und Systemintelligenz
  • Address: Heßstraße 134, 80797 München
  • Project Proposal Date: 2020-02-24 16:01:45


The project is a master thesis and belongs to the field of computer vision and machine learning, specifically the active research area of deep visual object tracking. The project aims to investigate and develop state-of-the-art architectures that are utilized in current tracking approaches. The scope of the project is generic RGBD object tracking, thus allowing tracking of arbitrary objects in context with color and depth information. This implies the need for training with a lot of data to learn generic object representations, explaining our need for additional computing resources. The overall goal is to develop a novel approach that will be state-of-the-art in the relatively new field of tracking with RGBD images.