Intel MIC and GPU Programming Workshop

LRZ, 27.-29.4.2015


The course discusses the architecture of GPGPUs and Intel’s new Many Integrated Core (MIC) architecture.

It covers various programming and optimisation techniques for GPGPUs and Intel’s new Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors.

The hands-on sessions are done on the new Intel Xeon Phi based SuperMIC system and the GPU cluster at LRZ.

The workshop is a PRACE Advanced Training Centres (PATC) course. It is developed in collaboration with the Erlangen Regional Computing Centre (RRZE) within KONWIHR.

Each day is comprised of approximately 5 hours of lectures and 3 hours of hands-on sessions.

Contact: Dr. Volker Weinberg (

Participants 2015: (high resolution)


Foto: Vasileios Karakasis

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  • Dr. Momme Allalen, LRZ
  • Dr. David Brayford, LRZ
  • Dr. Ferdiand Jamitzky, LRZ
  • Dr.-Ing. Michael Klemm, Intel
  • Dr.-Ing. Jan Eitzinger, RRZE
  • Dr. Volker Weinberg, LRZ

General Material

pdfTimetable (tentative)

text Working with the LRZ SuperMIC system

text Working with the GPU systems at LRZ (link has been deactivated because currently no GPU based systems are available at LRZ)

Day 1 Material

pdf Workshop Intro

pdfMIC and GPU Architecture

Exercises: pdfLab1, pdfLab2, pdfLab3

pdfGPU and MIC programming using python, R and MATLAB

pdfOpenACC with the PGI compiler

Exercises: pdfLab

Day 2 Material

pdfIntel Xeon Phi Programming

Exercises: pdfOffload-Lab1, pdfOffload-Lab2, pdfMPI Lab, pdfIntel MPI Benchmarks User Guide

pdfMIC Intel MKL

Exercises: pdfMKL-lab1, pdfMKL Fortran Lab, pdfMKL-lab2


Exercises: pdfOpenCL-Lab1, pdfOpenCL-Lab2 , pdfOpenCL-Lab3, pdfOpenCL-Lab4

Day 3 Material

pdfAdvanced MIC Programming

Exercises: pdfLab1, archive triad_exercise.tgz

pdfAdvanced Tuning Methodologies

pdfOpenMP 4.0 for HPC in a Nutshell


Please fill out the course evaluation form before leaving the lecture room to help us and PRACE to increase the quality of PATC trainings.

Thank you for your collaboration and thank you for joining our course!!


LRZ is part of the Gauss Centre for Supercomputing (GCS), which is one of the six PRACE Advanced Training Centres (PATCs) that started in 2012.

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