ONLINE: Introduction to LRZ HPC Systems with Focus on CFD Workflows

Date: Wednesday, December 09, 2020, 14:00-16:30 CET
Location: Online Course

The focus of this short course is to provide to beginners in High Performance Computing (HPC) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) a crash course like introduction to the following essential knowledge:

  • Introduction to the LRZ Linux Cluster Systems and computing environment
  • Introduction to a typical user environment on LRZ Linux Cluster systems
  • Linux terminal access and file transfer tools
  • Usage of the modul system
  • The batch queing or scheduling system SLURM
  • Introduction to a typical CFD-oriented workflow on the example of ANSYS CFD and StarCCM+
  • Aspects of licensing of commercial CFD software at LRZ
  • Q & A

This course is addressed to young scientists, PHD students and under-graduate students (Master level) with so far limited to no experience with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), but with the aim to use in future the High-Performance Computing (HPC) resources of the LRZ for their fluid mechanics oriented research. For this introductory course no further pre-existing HPC knowledge is required.

Content Level:

The content level of the course is broken down as:

Beginner's content: 2,5h 100%
Intermediate content: 0h 0%
Advanced content: 0h 0%
Community-targeted content: 0h 0%

Handouts/Lecture PDF’s are provided to participants.



Language: English / English Slides & Handouts
Teachers: Dr.-Ing. habil. Thomas Frank (LRZ)
Registration: Via the LRZ registration form. Please choose course HCFD3W20.
Course Fee: Students and members of German universities and German public research institutes: None
Others: None
Contact: Dr.-Ing. habil. Thomas Frank (LRZ), Dr. Volker Weinberg (LRZ)