ONLINE: Intel OneAPI for FPGAs

Date: Friday, June 19, 2020, 13:00-19:00 CEST
Location: ONLINE (Webex Training)


This course will be delivered as an ONLINE COURSE for remote participation because of the COVID-19 measures enforced by most European governments.

REGISTRATION is strictly NECESSARY since the details to access the online course will be provided to the registered attendees only.

As the lecturer is teaching from Austin, Texas in the USA, we had to shift the course to 13:00 - 19:00 CEST.

FPGAs can help accelerate many of the core data center workloads that process the growing volume of data that our hyper-connected world creates. They can be reprogrammed in a fraction of a second with a datapath that exactly matches your workload’s key algorithms. This versatility results in a higher performing, more power efficient, and well utilized data center – lowering your total cost of ownership. FPGAS can be connected directly to processors, memories, networks, and numerous other interfaces. Traditionally, FPGAs require deep domain expertise to program for, but Intel is investing in significantly simplifying the development flow and enable rapid deployment across the data center.

In this course you will learn to use the Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit and the Intel® FPGA Add-On for oneAPI Base Toolkit to target an FPGA. We will explore how your Data Parallel C++ (DPC++) source code becomes a custom compute unit, and what resources are utilized in the FPGA to build it. The proper development flow for working with an FPGA will be presented: emulation, interpreting optimization reports, and performance analysis on the FPGA. Finally, you will be introduced to important optimization concepts such as pipelining loop iterations and architecting kernel memory. Throughout the presentation, demonstrations will be shown to illustrate all of the concepts. A take-home lab that can be done on the Intel® DevCloud will be given to you at the conclusion of the presentation.


Prerequisites Solid understanding of the C/C++ programming language.

The content level of the course is broken down as:

Beginner's content: 3,0h 50%
Intermediate content: 3,0h 50%
Advanced content: 0,0h 0%
Community-targeted content: 0,0h 0%
Language: English

Susannah Martin (Intel)


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This class requires an Intel® DevCloud account in order to work the lab exercises. This needs to be completed 2-3 days before class. Please register at:


The online course is free of charge for people from academia and industry.

Contact: Dr. Volker Weinberg (LRZ)