C++ Language for Beginners

Date: Monday, November 25 - Friday, November 29, 2019, 9:00 - 17:00
Location: LRZ Building, Garching/Munich, Boltzmannstr. 1, Kursraum 2, H.U.010

Programming languages such as C++ are devices to help you think and plan workflows in a systematic, logical, and consistent – say structured – way. C++ contains many language features, and comprises different paradigms such as precedural or object-oriented programming. As with many other contemporary programming languages, the difficulties of writing code lie in making design decisions – which language features to use, and in which way.

This 5-days course covers an introduction into the C++ language features (types and data structures, basic key words, flow control structures, templates, ...), some of the paradigm ideas, software development process including program design, project managment, debugging, and more (cmake, doxygen, git, ...).

The straightest way to learn a programming language is probably to have the need to apply it to a problem. If you have a specific problem or project in mind, this would be perfect. However, we offer Hands-on tutorials with application examples out of the scientific and mathematical fields, which are usually met in the universitary environment. We want to disburden the entry and access to the skills of programming for prospective and advancing scientists and engineers.

Contents are subject to modifications.

Prerequisites: Course participants should have basic UNIX/Linux knowledge (login with secure shell, shell commands, simple scripts, editor vi or emacs). The second requisite is to have basic knowledge on other programming language/scripting language. It is highly recommended to have knowledge on either C, java or other object oriented language.
Language: English
Teachers: Carmen Navarrete (LRZ), Martin Ohlerich (LRZ)
Registration: Via the LRZ registration form. Please choose course HCPB1W19 (not available yet).