Introduction to the LRZ Compute Cloud

Date: Tuesday, October 8, 2019, 13:30-17:00
Location: LRZ Building, Garching/Munich, Boltzmannstr. 1, LRZ Hörsaal

The aim of this course is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to efficiently utilise the LRZ Compute Cloud infrastructure for their own projects. The course consists of mini lectures, demos and hands on sessions (breaks included) covering the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of cloud computing and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) clouds

  • Overview of the hardware of the LRZ Compute Cloud

  • Using the LRZ Compute Cloud via the web Interface

  • Using the LRZ Compute Cloud via the command line


Certificates of attendance for

All participants are expected to bring their own laptops.

Language: English
Contact: J. Durillo (LRZ)
Registration: Via the LRZ registration form. Please choose course HICC1W19.