Application for Use of HPC and Visualisation Systems

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Please be advised that:

  • the request must be submitted by the Master User;

  • There must be an existing account in the LRZ project in order to give access to the linux cluster to this account.

  • LRZ function accounts, Campus-LMU accounts, TUM-online accounts, local accounts of chairs, external student accounts and HLRB accounts cannot be validated for the cluster. The same applies for accounts belonging to the Max-Planck-Institut or one of the student accommodations.

Log in with your Master User account. If you are not a Master User, please log in with your user account (for which you want to obtain access to the high-performance computers) to get contact information of your Master User. Please contact him/her or the Servicedesk (Tel: 089-35831-8800,, to get your account validated. Generally, only users from Bavarian universities will obtain such an account from the Master User. More information can be found at: Vergabe von Kennungen für LRZ-Dienste.

Your LRZ Account (7 oder 8 characters):