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Proposing Institution

Centrum voor Plasma Astrofysica Departement Wiskunde,KU Leuven
Project Manager

Prof. Giovanni Lapenta
Celestijnenlaan 200b
3001 Leuven
This project is devoted to the study of turbulence in astrophysical plasmas. Turbulence is oneof the still not understood problems of classical physics. Similar to what happens for regularfluids on Earth, like air or water, astrophysical plasmas in space are found to behave in aturbulent way, developing vorticose motions over a broad range of scales. Due to itsmathematical complexity turbulence has been studied in the last decades by means ofnumerical simulations. The difficult part of it relies on the need of resolving numerically abroad range of scales that all together constitute the phenomenology of turbulence. In thisproject we propose to conduct cutting edge numerical simulations of plasma turbulence usinga numerical method that overcome several limitations in the description of plasma motionsfrom large to small scales. This method will allow us to address still open questions on thistopic with an unprecedented realism of the model and precision of the description. The resultsof this project will be useful for a better theoretical understanding of astrophysical plasmaturbulence and will serve as a guidance for the interpretation of new spacecraft observationsof heliospheric plasmas that are already or will be available in the near future.

Impressum, Conny Wendler