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Proposing Institution

Institute for parallel and distributed Systems (IPVS) Uni Stuttgart
Project Manager

Amin Totounferoush
Universitätsstraße 38
70569 Stuttgart
Advancements in hardware and software have made it possible over the recent years to increase the share of resolved flow features in turbulent flow simulation. This has, in return, not only opened up possibilities to gain more insights into turbulent flow in realistic applications, but the access to resolved turbulent flow features allows for more complex multi-physics scenarios.An example for such a scenario is fluid-structure-acoustics interaction (FSA). While there have been considerable advancements in the numerical simulation fluid-structure interaction (FSI) over the past two decades, its utilization with turbulent flow fields is relatively rare, while engineering problems mostly include turbulence. Here, a resolved flow field is often necessary since the irregular strucural responses elude the statistical approach. In aeroacoustics, on the other hand, the access to resolved eddies is paramount, as they are the dominant noise source. Combining FSI with aeroacoustics offers the possibility to gain insights into a variety of engineering applications that involve turbulent flow around moving parts, and where noise is sought to be avoided or designed.Having addressed the specific challenges that this multi-physics problems poses in previous work, we now want to simulate a test case that is generic but includes all important aspects of such a scenario. We consider an incompressible turbulent flow over a flexible obstacle. The shear layer in this configuration, which is the main source for acoustic noise, is moving due to the flexibility ofthe structure. Thus, noise is generated that itself is dependent on the structural movement. We do not consider interaction between acoustics and structure, or any effect of the acoustic field on the fluid flow.To solve this problem, we will rely on the combined CFD/CAA solver FASTEST, the Discontinuous Galerkin solver Ateles, the structural solver FEAP, and the preCICE coupling library.

Impressum, Conny Wendler