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Proposing Institution

Universität Regensburg,Fakultät für Physik
Project Manager

Prof. Dr. Andreas Schäfer
93040 Regensburg
A fundamental problem of Lattice QCD is operator mixing, which cannot be avoided because the symmetry group of the discrete hyper-cubic lattice is much smaller than that of the continuum. In principle this problem can be coped with by separating the different operators my means of their different scale dependence. We demonstrated this in a pioneering study for d_2, the x^2 moment of the nucleon spin structure function g_2(x,Q^2), which is the paradigmatic example, already in 2000, see arXiv:hep-lat/0011091. Such type of analysis should work much better with our new high statistics CLS ensembles which realize a large number of different scales. We plan to submit a SuperMUC proposal (probably needing < 35 Mch) to perform such a study and need the test account to produce the timings required for that proposal.

Impressum, Conny Wendler