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Proposing Institution

Lehrstuhl für Hydrogeologie,TUM
Project Manager

Florian Konrad
Arcisstraße 21
80333 München
We would like to apply for a test project. With it we would like to simulate fluid flow in porous media in the context of deep geothermal exploration. In detail fault zones and their impact on pumping tests is investigated by parameter studies using Moose Framework with the corresponding Golem App and Raven for parameter sampling.We already had contact to Jens Weißmüller, Martin Öhlerich and Helmut Heller regarding this application.A typical single run of one parameter combination on 3 mpp2 nodes on the linux cluster using 28 cores each and nearly maxing out the 64gb RAM takes appx. 10 minutes. We plan on doing about 5000 runs for this test project.

Impressum, Conny Wendler