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Proposing Institution

Institute of Physics, Martin-Luther Universitšt Halle-Wittenberg
Project Manager

Prof. Dr. Miguel Marques
Karl-Freiherrr-von-Fritsch-Str. 3
06120 Halle/Saale
In the quest for novel high-Tc superconductors, many materials have been proposed. As the presence of hydrogen seems to be fundamental to reach very high phonon frequencies, strong electron-phonon coupling, and therefore large critical temperatures, the major emphasis has been given to other hydrides. Unfortunately, many (if not most of) chemical compounds containing hydrogen only metallize at extremely high pressures. A possible but, until now, overlooked solution is achieving a metallic state through doping. It is our goal in this project to find novel superconductors with high Tc, by exploring doped hydrogen based materials at high pressure. This will be done, by performing density functional perturbation theory to obtain phonon frequencies and electron-phonon coupling constants for a series of materials, and extrapolating this set using machine learning techniques.

Impressum, Conny Wendler