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Proposing Institution

Lehrstuhl für Numerische Methoden der Plasmaphysik,TUM
Project Manager

Dr. Florian Hindenlang
Boltzmannstr. 2
85748 Garching
The author already had an account that was closed last year (march 2017), associated to the project pr94ba. This is a new proposal. I would like to start again with a test account, please tell me if this possible. Since the last 3 years, the code Fluxo was further developed and extended at IPP and is now able to run full scale MHD simulations of Tokamaks and stellarators. The code has already proven strong scaling ability on HPC archtectures in Stuttgart (Cray-XE6) and Jülich (BlueQueen) and Marconi in Italy. The code is discretized explicitly in time and with a Discontinuous Galerkin Spectral Element Method in space, and is able to run on unstructured hexahedral meshes. Moreover, it already supports MPI-I/O via the HDF5 library. The plan for the test phase are first to repeat scaling tests with the current code design, and then to run several full scale simulations.

Impressum, Conny Wendler