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Proposing Institution

Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY
Project Manager

Dr. Luca Gelisio
Notkerstraße 85
22607 Hamburg
Metallic glasses are solid amorphous systems typically obtained by rapid cooling of the liquid state. Their peculiar atomic arrangement is responsible for appealing features such as superior mechanical properties – like strength and resilience – as well as improved resistance to wear and corrosion with respect to their crystalline counterparts.Elucidating spatial correlations of atomic positions is the key to design and tune the above-mentioned properties. Despite amorphous metals being the subject of intensive theoretical and experimental research in the last decades, nevertheless several questions still need to be addressed.Recently developed X-ray lasers allow to probe atomic structure of matter at the nanosecond and nanometer scales, lengths typically belonging to the realm of atomistic simulations.We therefore propose a time-resolved scattering investigation of the cooling process of a Zr47.5 Cu47.5 Al5 melt and a detailed characterization of its frozen atomic structure. This experimental campaign will be supported and validated by atomistic (molecular dynamics) and scattering simulations, which will be employed either (i) to carefully estimate experimental parameters – especially in terms of beam size and time structure – and (ii) to increase the understanding of scattering data. Spatial correlations functions will be evaluated for different domain sizes (tens of nanometers, i.e. up to a few millions atoms) and cooling rates (1e9 to 1e6 K/s) and scattering patterns calculated to estimate the best experimental parameters.

Impressum, Conny Wendler