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Proposing Institution

Professur für Thermofluiddynamik,TUM
Project Manager

Alexander Avdonin
Boltzmannstraße 15
85747 Garching
This work aims to show that an LES combustion model with Eulerian stochastic fields and tabulated chemistry can successfully describe the flame dynamics of a premixed turbulent flame. The chemistry is tabulated in progress variable and enthalpy, using one-dimensional burner stabilized flamelet computations. The progress variable allows for tabulation of a reaction scheme of any complexity and the enthalpy tabulation ensures a reduced reaction rate due to heat losses. The turbulence-chemistry interaction is modeled by 8 Eulerian stochastic fields. LES of a premixed swirl burner for three different operating points are performed to investigate the flame dynamics. A velocity broadband excitation is used to identify a flame transfer function. The preliminary study on a coarse mesh shows that the identified flame transfer function is in qualitative agreement with experimental data but simulations on fine grid are required to get accurate results.We do not need a test account, since we have already done the required testing. Thus, we apply directly for a full account (please see the proposal provided in a separate document).

Impressum, Conny Wendler