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Proposing Institution

Max Planck Institute for Astronomie, Heidelberg
Project Manager

Prof. Andrea V. Maccio
Koenigstuhl 17
69117 Heidelberg
In a universe dominated by Cold Dark Matter (CDM) and a cosmological constant, galaxy formation and evolution is a complex combination of hierarchical clustering, gas dissipation, merging events and secular evolution. Understanding the formation of spiral galaxies (including our own Galaxy, the Milky Way) has been at the forefront of theoretical astrophysics for decades. In the last two years our research group has created the largest database of high resolution simulations of galaxy formation within the NIHAO project (Numerical Investigation of HundredAstrophysical Objects), with more than 100 simulated galaxies.With this proposal we aim to push the resolution of current simulations to the edge of what is currently feasible and create a set of eight simulations with more than 10,000,000 elements.This will allow us to study in the details the formation and current structure of the MW disc and the properties of its satellite galaxies in a fully cosmolo

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