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Proposing Institution

Fachgebiet für Strömungsbeeinflussung und Aeroakustik, Fakultät Maschinenwesen, TU München
Project Manager

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Jakob Kaltenbach
Boltzmannstraße 15
85747 Garching
In the increasing worldwide effort to meet the energy demand with renewable energysources, wind energy has become one of the mayor technologies.The aim of the project is to provide a detailed numerical investigation bylarge-eddy simulation (LES) of the influence of terrain roughness on the evolution of a wind turbine wake. The outcome of this study could help to improve control strategies for optimization of power production and load alleviation.Within the Greentech Iniative on Wind Farms a simulation set-up for the numericalprediction of the wake evolution over a terrain with given surface roughness by LES has been developed and tested. For that purpose the well-established research code INCA has been augmented in three aspects: (i) an actuator line method for modelling the rotating blades by a radial distribution of moving body forces has been implemented, (ii) a wall boundary condition capable to deal with large roughness values has been developed, (iii) the recycling technique for the generation of unsteady turbulent approach flow was adjusted for the case of a pressure-gradient driven 'half-channel' with a rough surface on one side and a free slip condition on the opposite side.The project is divided into 4 sub-projects. In each of them different parameters are varied to investigate their influence on the wake evolution of a generic model wind turbine. In thefirst sub-project the grid convergence is studied. The influence of terrain roughness onthe wind turbine operating at design conditions is investigated in the second sub-project.The third sub-project relates to the dependency of the wake evolution on the TSR (tip speed ratio) and power production. In the fourth sub-project for a wind turbine in yawed conditions the alteration of the wake trajectory due to terrain roughness is studied.

Impressum, Conny Wendler