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Proposing Institution

Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. Göttingen
Project Manager

Prof. Dr. Klaus Hannemann
Bunsenstrasse 10
37073 Göttingen
Base buffeting poses a potential threat to space launch vehicles like the Ariane rocket family. Many investigations into understanding the flow topology have been started since, but few take into account the effect of the nozzle plume on the recirculation region and the heating of the nozzle structure with time-accurate and scale-resolving simulations. The current funding period of the Collaborative Research Centre TRR40 aims to investigate the effects of a hot plume resulting from a nearly stoichiometric combustion on the flow field of a generic aft body. Additionally, the heating of the nozzle structure by the plume is taken into account and its effect is investigated.The project includes a grid optimization sub-project that aims to obtain the best possible resolution with minimal amount of computational domain size. Furthermore, the effect of structured and unstructured grids of the same size on the results is investigated. This leads to a direct comparison of structured and unstructured grids that can also help other applications in the scale-resolving field.In order to find an optimal input parameter set, two parameters for scale-resolving simulations will be varied. These discern whether a zonal or non-zonal approach is used and whether artificial turbulence is added to the LES region, respectively. These are two of several grey area mitigation methods that have been developed recently and should lead to more accurate results for the given problem. The final investigations address the effect of a realistic nozzle plume on the flow and the influence of a hot nozzle structure on the recirculation region using the found optimal grid and optimal parameter settings. Results are high-fidelity scale-resolving numerical computations that take into account more features that characterize realistic space launch vehicles than many so far.

Impressum, Conny Wendler