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Proposing Institution

Hamburger Sternwarte
Project Manager

Dr. Wolfram Schmidt
Gojenbergsweg 112
21029 Hamburg
To study the statistical properties of turbulence in the intragroup medium of galaxy groups, we run high-resolution simulations of cosmic filaments, using a combination of static nested grids and adaptive mesh refinement to achieve a maximal spatial resolution of 1 kpc in core regions. Initial conditions are generated with the MUSIC code to obtain a substantially enhanced mass resolution in the nested-grid region. The evolution of dark matter and gas in a box of 50 Mpc co-moving size is computed with the Enzo code. The data produced by the simulations yield a representative sample of groups, ranging from isolated groups and remote groups in filaments to groups in close proximity to a cluster. The groups are identified with the halo finder implemented in the yt postprocessing toolkit, which is also used for further data analysis, in particular for halo profiles and relations between the halo mass and the mean thermal and turbulent energies of the intragroup medium. Moreover, the impact of the environment, such as the location of groups on a filament and group collisions, and the role of star formation and supernova feedback are investigated.

Impressum, Conny Wendler